Yaldah Year Reviews

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What girls are saying…

I got the YALDAH year today! I am so excited to try ALL the things in the book. Everything is beautiful, from the pretty design to the colorful, exciting photographs, from the insightful insights of the month to the crafty crafts!

Since the Bais Yaakov convention is hosted in my hometown this year we all have to decorate our classrooms. Our theme is Mitzvos we took on for ourselves (Chanukah and Purim). So I am making a HUGE red scene about Chanukah in America and Chanukah in China. I decided to use the mirrored menorah from The Yaldah Year as our Menaorah, and we will get red and black beads. I am excited and my class loved the book! One of my friends borrowed it, and I think she made the chocolate chip cookies for Shabbat.


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